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A small Doctor Who moment to make you go awwwww…..

A small Doctor Who moment to make you go awwwww…..

Picture the scene – you’re Russell T Davies, famed showrunner of Doctor Who and famed atheist. You’re at a Q&A just after showing a preview of the Christmas 2009 episode – your penultimate piece of work on Doctor Who – when a little kid grabs the microphone, in front of lots of journalists, and asks:

Did you meet the Doctor or did you make him up?

Which is pretty much the same as asking whether Father Christmas exists. The moral quandry – do you tell all or nothing?

I’ve seen two accounts of what RTD said next – via SFX and Ian Wylie (spoilers!) – which are both slightly different. But were you there?

and in Who-related news: Doctor Who star goes back to old school to direct nativity play


  • It was a sweet moment. And for the avoidance of any doubt, I’ve posted a verbatim transcript of the full answer given by the thoughtful RTD to the little boy – check out the comments section of my blog via the Almost Witty link above.

  • A good reminder about how young we start as Who fans.

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