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Flirty girl 1 – the non-saga continues

Flirty girl 1 – the non-saga continues

So for some reason I wake up today (gor blimey) feeling a tad down, jaded and just weird about life generally. Maybe I can tell the weather’s getting colder and soon we’ll all be moaning about how cold it is… So anyway, I get up rather late and run to work, not shaving, that sort of thing.

Then I get a text from Flirty Girl/Woman saying Hi, I’m going to be at work, let’s do lunch together. Except I’ve already done lunch.

So I end up taking her around work, showing her a few things, chatting in the meantime and then sitting in the garden for an hour or so.

The conversation isn’t quite as flirty as before, but there’s a bit of sparring, openness. She is available apparently, although she likes Robert DeNiro, and my impression of the Taxi Driver fellow just isn’t going to cut the mustard.

We ummmed and ahhhed about going out somewhere this weekend – probably won’t happen, what with my plans – but hey, if nothing else, I’ve got someone’s phone number at least.

I should be elated by that, but I’m not.

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  • No umming and erring please! Have you got such important plans that you can't drop them for a woman you fancy? Honestly.

    Be elated. Change the habits of a lifetime.

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