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iDo take Twitter and Facebook…

iDo take Twitter and Facebook…

Various websites have poured scorn on a groom who updated his Facebook/Twitter accounts as soon as he got married.

The thing is … I think it’s a mildly neat idea. In my ridiculous fantasy head of how I get married (and bearing in mind the fact I’d have friends/family on three continents who would probably want to see it happen, purely as ‘Finally, he got off his arse’ witnesses as opposed to anything else), I’d have to broadcast the proceedings via webcams and the like anyway. So I might as well use Facebook / Twitter as well. Hell, I might as well have plasma screens that unveil themselves as the deed is done reflecting the changed status update, and let people #hashtag about how great the catering was.

Then again, having been to about ten incredibly luxurious weddings (to my head) over the years in castles, manor houses, country estates, remote Welsh chapels on hillsides, museums, an old college – and registry offices – I’m also of the opinion that:

  • I don’t need no stinkin’ wedding photographers. They’re good, but very pricey for it. At least half the audience would be Chinese, after all, and therefore come with ridiculously large and expensive D-SLR cameras. I would, however, need a shepherd to herd everyone together for the required joint photo shoots.
  • I may need a film cameraperson – but at least ten of my friends know how to shoot video. Or I could just wear a helmetcam.
  • Flowers. Pah. Who needs them?
  • Who needs a banquet? Pah. Give me a buffet!
  • Who needs a disco? Pub quiz, that’s the way to go! Or maybe Rock Band, or Dance Dance Revolution…

Of course, I may not be the one who has a final say in these matters…

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  • Trust me, when you get married you get a great many snaps from guests, but none are as good as composed shots by an official photographer. You also get an imbalance where the guests with cameras take loads of pics of the people they know, and largely ignore the others.

    If you ever get married and want to do it on the cheap, I suggest giving one of the guests a designated role of official snapper (though you may have to pay for the inconvenience, of course). This is why it’s so much easier to pay a professional.

    As for the other ideas, we considered having a pub quiz for our evening do, but thought it would probably ruin the momentum if everyone had to sit down for an hour and ask questions (though we had a great quizmaster in mind). People at weddings just want to get drunk and dance to cheese.

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