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Can we get a Secret Santa 2.0 going by next week? Y'know, for charity…

Can we get a Secret Santa 2.0 going by next week? Y'know, for charity…

Time was, when the UK blogosphere was concentrated in the power of a few key individuals, had a Secret Santa every year where you could give a random blogger a gift, and get a random gift back. The great thing with this approach was that you were almost encouraged to stalk said blogger for a while, to see what they’d like and want.

This year, the only example of a Web Secret Santa I’ve found so far has been Firebox’s Global Secret Santa, whereby you buy a gift (from a limited range) for someone via Firebox, and someone else buys you a gift (from the same limited range). Which almost seems a step backwards in the world of Secret Santas.

So …

Would there be any interest in a Web 2.0 Secret Santa for bloggers whereby people register, they’re given the details of someone else who’s registered, and told to buy an appropriate gift worth £10 or less for them? Optionally, if they buy it through an affiliate site like Amazon, the commission is then donated to a charity…

Are there any savvy database types who could knock up an appropriate database and website in 7 days?

Is this a really really stupid idea?


  • Oh hang on, I missed the “for charity” bit in the headline. Not sure how you’d build that in. Maybe people should put in £10 and get gifts worth £9, with 10% going to charity.

  • Secret Santa 2.0 sounds like a fun idea and a way to create a Christmas atmosphere on the web. However, I think you would have to make sure you received your gift from your visitor before you bought for them…I could imagine all the folks out of a certain country who would turn this into a scam somehow …"sorry but I paid too much for your gift…could you send me the extra money?" LOL

  • I bet the good people of b3ta would do this in a week if you suggested it.

    I think the main problem, though, is "an appropriate gift worth £10 or less" – would many people pay the full tenner if it was optional? Maybe the amount needs to be fixed, with any shortfall in spend topped up using the Amazon filler finder (

  • If you buy items (eg from Amazon) via an affiliate link, the referrer gets a small commission. That'd be the bit that gets donated to charity.

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