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My dating life – more cancellations than British bloody Rail

My dating life – more cancellations than British bloody Rail

Two weeks, two first-time “dates” or meetings, two cancellations. So far my Cardiff date cancellation record is almost at 50%

So what do you do when a date cancels, two hours before the date, by text? Does one text her back and say “Ok… let me know when you’re free?” or say “Ok… how about Thursday at 8pm”?

Do you go for the plucky “I’ll let you decide” or keep pushing and pushing until the woman can actually say “Quite honestly, I’d rather jump in a pit of rancid lobsters than go out for a drink with you”.

Or is it my fault for even trying to go on a date in the first place? Never tempt the Gods, and all that…


  • I think it’s despicably rude. If she changed her mind at the last minute, there are other ways to deal with the situation. Why couldn’t she just meet you anyway? Wouldn’t it have been better to have made some excuse about having to go early or something?

    Did she have a good reason for cancelling? And did she cancel or merely postpone? Did you text back suggesting another date/time?

  • Anonamie

    I wouldn't cancel on you Drewberg!

  • What meanies! Cancelling two hours before a date, for anything less than a death in the family is just bad form. And, by text no less! Are you sure she is worth your very precious time?
    Anyway, never give up. The thrill of that first date – the nerves, the tentative conversation and the build up to the first kiss – can never be replicated.
    If the girl is worth it, she'll be there. Just let fate be the master/mistress!!!

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