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Americans and their witty political comments…

Americans and their witty political comments…

Over the weekend, I got two comments from both side on the political spectrum regarding my comments on America’s aloofness and His Dubyaness’ selfishness.

One, from the left-wing was a thoughful comment that used words of more than one syllable. Admittedly, said person also agreed with me – plus she was from New York City, which is more than a good thing and more than enough for her to enter my good books. Whoever she is.

The other comment, presumably from the patriotic right-wing element of America – the one in dominance right now – was a tad more to the point, brutal and shared none of the literacy of the previous commenter.

I leave you to draw your own conclusions…

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  • steve maher

    As part of the deal for Rice’s appearence before the 9/11 commision Bush and Cheney will testify together; which makes me wonder… will Cheney drink a glass of water while Bush speaks.

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