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My love affair with Starbucks…

My love affair with Starbucks…

I don’t really drink coffee. I’m not a particular fan of global consumer mono-branded capitalism like McDonalds. And yet, the sight of a Starbucks mug fills me with pride and joy.

It’s a unique combination of solid working-class workmanship – this is a big chunky mug for drinking out of – and branded middle-class aspirations – I’m drinking in a funky trendy cafe.

One recently fell into my hands, and I’m very reluctant to let it go. It just sits there on my desk, and I feel a very odd sense of pride when I do end up drinking out of it. I’ve found myself making more cups of tea just so I can drink more out of it.

and what other chain can promote themselves on the basis of “Oooh, the red cups are back!” ?

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