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A nightmare about blogging ?!

A nightmare about blogging ?!

Just woke up with all the classic symptoms of a creepy dream / nightmare – a bizarre Gothic-esque creepy dream with a narrative of some description, resulting in me waking far too early with a deep sense of uneasiness. And when I woke up, there was a deep sense/conviction/feeling that it was about abandonment, paranoia, conspiracy theories, Gothic dungeons and blogging – although as my conscious mind reasserts itself, I can’t remember what the blogging connection was.

Blogging about your dream is quite possibly the most pathetic, self-obsessive thing to do – even for bloggers – so this is for my reference only, but if you’re really that keen to read on…

In the dream, I was somehow involved in an experiment that involved me going away from my friends and family and going to live in a Gothic dungeon in the usual high hill above town. They could still see me, and I was somehow able to sneak away for visits.

But every time I sneaked away, my friends’n’family would act very weirdly, and more or less shun me in surreal ways. One time, my sisters would come up to me, giggle in a Japanese-anime/sensual fashion simultaneously (which is a very neat trick now I come to think about it) and then run away, saying they had something else better to do. Another time, my friends (who had by now joined the “Experiment”) rounded upon me for some bizarre reason resulting in a huge feeling of abandonment.

Eventually, I sneaked away somehow and met up with my mum and one of her friends. Explained how I felt a tad paranoid, how everyone was abandoning me – and getting very strange blank looks from my mum and friend. Just when we’re getting ready to leave the tavern (as yer do) some kind of doctor/security guard from the Gothic mansion comes down. Denies any knowledge of any major Conspiracy, and when I make a major play of having to go back to my cell to pick up my things (including a laptop, which I don’t actually have), for some reason his finger starts smoking as he tells us that he’ll have to go back and make a report to office. They won’t be happy… and that’s when I wake up.

There’s a lot of weird elements that make no sense now i’m awake. What was the blogging connection? Why is it all so Gothic-y and yet set in my home town in mid-Wales? What was the experiment? How do you do live action sensual anime in a dream?

I can trace back some major elements as to why I’m dreaming what I’m dreaming. The “taunt” about that job offer in Seattle – which would obviously mean uprooting again (every two years, that’s an average! Bizarrely) and the struggle to find friends’n’whatnot in a new town. H going off on my bike for 90 mins and leaving me in her house last night to chortle at the Simpsons and be amazed at the low budget crapness that is BBC 4.

Maybe glancing at that list of Internet addictions on CNN didn’t help either… Then again, blogging about your non-blogging blogging dream at 6.43am can’t be healthy either.

Normal service will resume shortly. I hope.

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