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Forget the Segway, here's the C6!

Forget the Segway, here's the C6!

Hurrah! 25 years after I first saw a C5 and really wanted one, Sir Clive Sinclair’s panning planning a C6!!

Having never experienced the Segway Personal Transporter, I’m flummoxed as to how it’d actually work in practise. I want to get around on the road, not barge pedestrians off pavements.

But if anyone can make the “urban transport” thing work, it’d be Sinclair. Woo-hoo!

PS: Anyone want to sell me a C5 on the cheap?

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  • Is he *panning* the C6 or *planning* it?

    Plenty of time for it to be panned once it’s been planned, I’d have thought.

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