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Finally, a video with a "cool" Chinese guy in it…

Finally, a video with a "cool" Chinese guy in it…

The video for Adam Freeland’s We Want Your Soul appears to feature (at least, according to my blurry eyes at 3am)
an Emotion Eric-esque Chinese guy
being seen in a slightly surreal, comic fashion in all sorts of situations.

I can’t decide what’s sadder, the fact that I’m elated that finally there’s some kind of Chinese person in a music video who isn’t just a hip, slightly camp dancer – or the fact that I am, in all probability, the only one to notice this.

Of course, Asian/Indian bhangra stuff is just soooo hip right now – and I have to admit, even I’m grooving to The Power of Bhangra, which uses that Snap sample. And then there was all the Basement Jaxx stuff. I just can’t see the same thing happening with Canto-pop – mostly because that’s sampled to buggery in itself!

I probably have some major issues 😉

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  • hey andrew. it’s me. the guy from the adam freeland video. thanks for noticing the vid. i know it’s an empty world out there in terms of cool asians on the scene. i’m tryin’ to change that in whatever ways i can… so anyhow, i just put up this website… did it over the last two days… … damn pain in the ass to put up, but hey, i think it’s pretty rad…

    hope you like it… and good luck, my friend…

    btw, if you actually get this message, i’m curious… is the video and / or song actually playing a bunch in the UK? in the US, Freeland hasn’t taken off, so it’s hard to gauge it all…

    take care and peace.

    Albert Wong

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