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Christmas in August?

Christmas in August?

The sun may be shining – or more likely, there’s stormy summer clouds overheard. Either way, it’s hot, sticky, and sweaty.

Hey, why not think about what you’re doing for Christmas ?

and if you think I’m joking, please note the following:

  1. I was walking through Soho the other day (in the pouring rain) and two ladies dressed in scantily-clad Christmas outfits were handing out flyers which invited people to book their Christmas party at a specific pub
  2. The house at the end of the road has decided to put on their Christmas lights on the outside…
  3. Selfridges, one of London’s top department stores, has started offering their range of festive goods

Bah. They could have at least waited till September!

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  • Donna

    That’s astonishing, it’s only August! But I suppose if you want Christmas parties in london, the way it gets around here, you need to get in there early. Only yesterday i was talking to a work colleague who does the whole ‘organising parties’ for the office and he told me how he’s going to have to think about Christmas party venues before long if we want somewhere that’s any good. Pretty shocking, and yes i felt the same as you…it is still summer.

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