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Janet Street-Porter strips off!

Janet Street-Porter strips off!

I never thought I’d ever get to type the above headline into anything beyond my sordid fantasies – not – but it’s summertime, it’s Edinburgh and things go mad.

Janet Street-Porter has a one-woman show up at Edinburgh, and at one point she apparently “she even strips off her party dress and stands there in black bra and hiking shorts” (The Observer).

Everyone else in the office is remarkably unfazed by this shocking piece of knowledge but if only I’d gotten my act together and actually made it to Edinburgh this year…


  • Mary Russell

    I have heard that Janet S-P has a new book out which is currently being covered in one of the English newspapers.

    Can you please tell me which one.

    Many thanks

  • frank

    I have always fancied her even with glasses.
    I expect she is very noisy when making love..
    Last time I saw her on TV she was being very
    dismissive of some terrible British film to
    the dismay of tight arsed Christie Wark..
    Good for her..


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