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I'll tell you what's wrong with this Dalek!

I'll tell you what's wrong with this Dalek!

What's wrong with this Dalek? Yes, in case you haven’t noticed what’s wrong with this Dalek…

(aside from the fact it’s not hovering, bearing its beady blue eye down the photographer and threatening to exterminate…)

The eyestalk and the plunger are in the wrong place.

This particular Dalek cookie jar (one of 3000, I’m told) had a couple of mishaps in the various housemoves over the years between Cardiff, Llandudno, Manchester and London. And it’d sat languishing in a box above my kitchen cupboard, waiting for someone who could master the art of superglue.

Then a family friend came over, and volunteered to fix it. Unfortunately, I didn’t closely supervise the operation.

Even more unfortunately, it then sat on top of my DVD collection, staring at me for about four months. I didn’t dare touch it in case the superglue came off, so I just left it there and never really examined it. Until one day, Miss M and her boyfriend came to visit. Miss M, a fellow Whovian, didn’t spot anything wrong either but Miss M’s boyfriend took one look at it and exclaimed “Why is the eyepiece in the wrong place?”. And until then, the two Whovians in the room had never ever noticed.

I really ought to have my Doctor Who geek card revoked.

Interestingly, I haven’t had comments on this blog for ages. Put up a mangled Dalek picture, I get five comments including two from people who I didn’t even know existed. Which is almost nothing compared to the comments and lively discussion that’s been taking place on Facebook and LiveJournal

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