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What the Democrats need to do to oust Bush…

What the Democrats need to do to oust Bush… | The poseur in chief – essentially, the American public need to be shown that Bush is the incompetent warmongering buffoon that he is. Except of course that since half the media are so in love with His Dubyaness, and most of the American public *still* can’t give two figs about the news – they just want “terrorism” to end – looks like we’re in for a Dark Right-Wing Age to make us all look back on Thatcherism/Reaganism nostalgically.

Oy vey.

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  • New York Lady

    badly dubbed boy …I agree with your comments 1000 percent. I cannot believe that more Americans are not outraged at the joke of a man
    we have as our "leader" in the White House.
    He is taking us down the wrong roads….constantly.
    And he thinks he is something so grand!
    He makes my blood boil !

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