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Why don't Asians date Asians?

Why don't Asians date Asians?

Just caught a trail for Big Brother US, which is showing on E4. The theme of the house is basically people and their ex’s – and they featured one Korean-American contestant, Jun who said that she wouldn’t date Asians any more because they had too many pre-conceived ideas of what Asian women should say and/or do.

Which is a tad strange because, erm…
a) I’m a British-Chinese male, and I certainly wouldn’t want a woman who cooked, cleaned etc. – apart from anything else, I like cooking!

b) Of the white guys I know and lived with who lusted after Asian women like my sisters, I’d imagine a fair proportion of the “fantasy” was the whole love-slave thing. Which most men probably have about women generally, of course.

Personally, I’ll date anyone I like – regardless of race. If I’m lucky ever to date anyone again!


  • Silverfish

    I'm sure your cyberstalker will date you !

  • When you assume that guys who lust after asian women (or guys who lust after women in general) want them for "the whole love-slave thing", you're doing exactly what Jun is doing!

    Both you and Jun may well be right (although you're probably not, given your example and my own experience of lusting after an asian woman — my last girlfriend — for completely love-slave-unrelated reasons), but you should know that you're both doing the same thing!

  • One of my best friends is really attracted to asian women, he's caucasian and I haven't quite figured out what led to his infatuation. He really doesn't go for any other race; and he's a very non-love slave wanting kind of guy… He's actually a no sex until married kind of guy which is pretty hard to find.

    Good luck to you (and my friend) in finding a partner that you make happy and that does likewise for you 🙂


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    i think they lust after asia woman because they think they are exotic. some guy i know just like the way asia woman look like. it is the same like asia men like white woman.

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