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"Mae gen i TGAU yn Gymraeg"

"Mae gen i TGAU yn Gymraeg"

I recently had a work meeting with someone senior who turned out to be from Wales. Thus one small tangent of the conversation involved me saying I was from Wales, and stating that I had a Welsh GCSE certificate. Second language, of course, but who’s counting?

Of course, what happens? I get back a short work email … entirely in Welsh. I can distill the odd phrase or word and get the gist of the email – all but the last sentence.

Now, do I:

– admit defeat, and reveal my inadequateness in using Welsh (after all, I’m not genetically Welsh and haven’t lived in Wales for three years)?
– soldier on, find someone to translate the text for me, and fire off some pithy comeback in Welsh, and keep the illusion going?

Oh, these work dilemmas…

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  • Just tell them you did Welsh TGAU, but you’re in your mid 30s now and can’t speak it.

    I can barely even remember which GCSEs I did, let alone the grades or details of what I learnt (I’m 33). My German and French knowledge comes back to me in a haphazard fashion when I’m in countries where they’re spoken, but I wouldn’t expect to reply to an email written in either of them. Don’t sweat it.

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