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Ahhh.. fandom media … isn't it … paranoid?

Ahhh.. fandom media … isn't it … paranoid?

As a professional media creator and writer, this is going to come off as incredibly snooty, out of touch and sneering at people who are working on content for the sheer love of it. So be it.

GSG2DWS5 has a very short interview with the editor of Doctor Who magazine, Tom Spilsbury. It’s eight questions long, and since one of the questions is: “Do you have a girlfriend at the moment?” (prompted by Mr. Spilsbury, admittedly) we can ascertain it’s not going to win a Pullitzer Prize any time soon.

The highly amusing element is the legal disclaimer at the bottom:

“This interview has been officially endorsed by Tom Spilsbury himself. This is EXCLUSIVE to GSG2DWS5 and we reserve all rights on this interview. Any reproduction of this interview without consent from both GSG2DWS5 and Tom Spilsbury will result in legal action being taken. All Rights Reserved.”



  • GSG2DWS5 requests this post is either removed immediately or altered.

    We appreciate the publicity BUT we deem this post to be tarnishing to our websites reputation and here-by ask you to alter/remove the post.

    Of course we accept people's opinions as that is pure human nature, to criticise or praise, but we do not feel this is critical press, it's tarnished press.

    The question you quote:
    "Do you have a girlfriend?"
    Is in response to the previous question:
    "What question do you wish you were asked in interviews?"

    We only ask these questions to lighten the interview, and to ensure the interviewee enjoys the interview.

    Thank you for co-operating with our request.

    Simon (Owner of GSG2DWS5)

  • The clue's in the headline: "fandom media … isn’t it … paranoid?"

    Brilliant response from Simon there. What an arse.

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