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Calling Scottish Koreans

Calling Scottish Koreans

Apparently, “Scotch Koreans” don’t make “a wee bit of sense”, according to Starburst:

I would say it’s mildly annoying, but people are generally slightly surprised when I open my mouth and an English accent comes out. (or as someone once said, Ewan McGregor’s voice ?!). And I was surprised when I once bumped into a Chinese guy with a Danish accent.

Hrm…. what do you think?


  • unico

    Starburst and Skittles commercials are not meant to be taken seriously or make any sense. They are not there to stick to scientific facts, they just pop up to make people take notice of candy.

    For example, what if the commercial had said "You're Inuit African, you don't make any sense!!". Perhaps there are such people around, but others don't really think about it. And it certainly comes off as an odd combination.

    So when people picture Scotland, they think of a place that is predominantly Caucasian, they certain don't picture various other ethnic groups being there.

    There is the Albinism community already feeling offending. For what reason, I am unsure. Since the commercial is not meant to be understood.
    Apparently having albinism doesn't stop Timmy from doing his job (lol).

  • You know, I have a half-Korean nephew named McLean. (He is 1/16th Scottish-American and the other 7/16 English-American).

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