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Should I go to London or not?

Should I go to London or not?

Your chance to decide what I should do this weekend!

Should I:
a) save money, stay in Cardiff, occasionally go to the gym and more than likely stay home

b) go to London with H, celebrate a mate’s birthday with her and get very very drunk – and then probably go to London the weekend after for Fruitstock? Especially considering my current cash crisis…

Answers on a postcard please…


  • silverfish

    If you can go to London and simultaneously entertain lesbians and pull a straight woman I say go and have a shag with a stranger. Now THAT'S a proper weekend, badly dubbed or not!

  • Elsie

    If you're going to London next weekend anyway, I say skip this weekend. Save the dough to have a crazy wild time once, instead of half-hearted effort twice.

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