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To burlesque or not to burlesque…

To burlesque or not to burlesque…


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So … I’ve been semi-invited to a Burlesque and Blues night this week – and a Burlesque birthday party in July.

Now, of course, I like seeing scantily-clad ladies disrobing as much as the next heterosexual male – the weekend’s soaring temperatures in London proved that as much as anything. But I still can’t decide if it’s the sort of thing I can go to myself and come out feeling, well, good about myself.

It is a world away from seedy stripclubs with strippers who only see you as walking wallets, but I can’t help wondering if I’d come out still feeling slightly seedy and unsure of myself, if only because I hate paying for things.

The Guardian suggests that it has itself become somewhat of an industry that is itself rife for exploitation. But all the railing by feminists against the porn industry hasn’t stopped today’s yoof exposing themselves to anyone and everyone for a bit of fun.

Expression or exploitation?


  • Piffle. Go, have a gawk, a few drinks, a good meal and enjoy yourself. Society (British, in particular) is the thing at fault here and not you. If Belgium and the Netherlands can have topless women in public windows “advertising” themselves, the Czechs actively round people up into sex clubs, the Kiwis have an adult shop on every main street and the French be world-renowned for the likes of the Folies Bergère we start to look bloody pathetic in comparison.

  • I’ve been to a Burlesque show twice. They really aren’t that seedy at all.

    It is more like that terribly British institution of the ‘naughty’ postcard – it’s suggestive and funny and a little bit cheeky.

    And most of the audience are women!

    I am thinking of giving it a go myself if I can keep the running up….

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