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Why Sara Cox should leave Radio 1

Why Sara Cox should leave Radio 1 | Radio 1 plunges to all-time low – According to the latest figures, Radio 1’s listening figures are slumping especially with Sara Cox’s breakfast show. Radio 4’s about to over-take it, that’s how bad the figures are.

I stopped listening to Radio 1 ages ago just because of Sara Cox – she sounds *so* incoherent and inept on-air, especially at 8am when you’re just waking up. The last thing you need is a shouting ranting woman who you just can’t understand – and when you can understand her, she never has anything remotely interesting to say. If it wasn’t for her news reporter sidekicks who she riffs off on without mercy, she’d say nothing at all apart from “Woo! Ibiza! Great!”, not noticing that we all moved on from Ibiza years ago. (Well, by “we” I mean the trendy folk. I’m still listening to Semisonic and the Pet Shop Boys)

She’s so terrible, she’s as bad as I was when I was a student DJ at Ramair FM – and at least I didn’t pollute the airwaves of the country or get paid £000s for the privilege.

The trouble is of course that all the other radio stations in Cardiff are *terrible* – and that’s when I can pick them up. Red Dragon FM is a clone of Capital FM, right down to the general low IQ of the listening audience – but without the ability to say “What a great day we’re having in hip London town”. Real Radio is for people who just want to retreat to the nostalgia of the 1970s.

Wherefore a radio station with funny semi-intelligent DJs who play good music? It’s not that difficult, surely? Emma Freud could do it with her eyes closed. *sigh* I’ll have to go on about what a great DJ Emma Freud was another day…


  • Sara Cox has been described as 'an original talent' by Radio 1 bosses. I've got to agree with the original part, I've never heard any other DJ continue to put on a 5 year olds voice with an intoxicated slur. I don't think I've ever laughed or been shocked listening, I just find her very, very sad and talentless. 'Coxs' 'big Ones' seems to be a last ditch attempt to get listeners back, don't listen though, she doesn't like to be thought of as a slapper from Bolton.

  • Happy Devonian

    Local dialects are something to treasure and be proud of.

    It takes all sorts – maybe you ought to retune your radio to Classic Gold and relive your youth.

    Personally I find Sara's breakfast show entertaining and maybe if you were to listen a little more carfeully – you would too.

  • She's still got a cracking set though!!!

  • Buy a digital radio 🙂

  • Sara cox it seems can't go a day without jabbering on about her bloody kids and breastfeeding like it's a new thing ,someone at radio one must be able to gag her!!!…your all so right about the drone of her stupid voice, im forced many times to switch the bitch off.

  • I think she's luuuvvvvly

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