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Review of Chipex – a simple three-step car paint touch-up system

Review of Chipex – a simple three-step car paint touch-up system

As you can imagine, living and driving in London does mean your car will get the odd scratch, and my basic hatchback is no exception:

The scratches on my car before the paint was added

Fortunately, Chipex offered to let me test their simple three-step car paint touch-up system, and despite being an utter novice when it comes to car maintenance and care, I thought I’d give it a try.

It comes in one simple pack, which contains quite a few tools, cloths, gloves and lotions of various sizes, but it’s all simply explained.

The Chipex toolkit

A quick check of the instructions, and I dove right into painting the multiple scratches away:

Painting away...


After twenty mintues of painting, twenty minutes of drying, and a quick buff, the results were amazing. The scratches no longer stuck out on the car, and you’d have to peer quite hard to see the scratches:

The car scratchers after applying Chipex

I could have spent more time on the buffing to even out the finish, but I was very satisfied with the results I got, considering it took less than an hour!


  • Tj Bakewell

    Great article, I have some Chipexon the way because one of the kids accidentally threw a small stone at my car. Im hoping it wont be noticeable anymore from distance!

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