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Flirty girl – a different perspective…

Flirty girl – a different perspective…

In the aftermath of my encounter with flirty girl/woman, a friend’s sent me this Onion story of interest:

Man Thinks Receptionist Is Hitting On Him
MEMPHIS, TN—Based on approximately two minutes of conversation and a series of polite smiles, chiropractic patient Jordan Walters earnestly believes that receptionist Mandy Pruitt is hitting on him, waiting-room sources reported early this afternoon. “Did you see how she offered to get me coffee?” an excited Walters said after Pruitt left to fetch him coffee. “I think she was just looking for an ‘in’ with me, if you follow me. One where she got to show me her legs.” Earlier that day, Walters also caught the eye of an Applebee’s waitress, a Goodyear service-center employee, and two different bank tellers. “

Miaow. Anyway, Flirty Girl has emailed to say we should get drunk sometime. Whereupon she can probably flirt some more and once she feels attractive again, she’ll go back to her non-existant boyfriend. On the other hand, it’s all a game – and as long as I remember that, quite a fun one.

But I really ought to go to the gym.

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