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A hectic week

A hectic week

Well, it’s been a hectic week. Let me see…

Friday 12 July 2002: hired a Transit van to get me from London to Cardiff. That journey was painless – although I’d cycled to the depot and forgot to bring my bike with me. So I had to drive back, tail between my head (or whatever the term is)… drove to London, stayed overnight.

Saturday, the heavy task of moving my worldly goods from the top floor of the flat to the back of a transit van. Helped by my sister and her boyfriend. Although we got interrupted by two people wanting to look at the flat — – and my neighbours and stuff. After my sister left, I had to talk to Barry before driving back to Tywyn via Milton Keynes. Except the boxes were packed so that at the first gentle application of the brakes, half the boxes nearly flew over my darned head. So by the time I got to Milton Keynes, I was a wee bit pissed off. Still, drove home with no complications.

Sunday, unpacked the van with everyone’s help, and stacked boxes along one wall of my old bedroom as well as upstairs. By the end there was stuff everywhere! I was also going to take my widescreen TV down to Cardiff, but my parents helped me decide to swap the widescreen TV with the Sanyo TV I’d bought for them a while ago. Fortunately, as by the time I got to Cardiff I was in no fit state to try and lug a huge widescreen TV around the tight corners of the flat. It was bad enough for the Sanyo TV, since the remote control wouldn’t work once I plugged the TV in! So I went to bed convinced I’d broken it…

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