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I want to be famous … but not like that…

I want to be famous … but not like that…

For a while, I’ve been looking on enviously while the powers-that-be seem determined to groom zuzula into a TV star – or at least, a journalist who appears on the television talking knowledgably about technology – and wondering if I’ll ever get my chance. This of course seems unlikely, especially considering Gok Wan (he has a BIOGRAPHY now!) has taken up the mantle of the first non-kung-fu British-Chinese person to get his own TV show. Lucky sod.

Then for work purposes, two television producers hovered round my desk today while I changed a website based on their whims. They coo’ed, ahh’ed, touched my arms and generally acted as if I was a genius. Which was most annoying because I patently am not. Then they turned to me and said “You’d be great in our diversity video!” and asked me if I wanted to be on it.

On one hand, I’d love to be in the limelight … at the same time, being in the limelight because of an accident of race as opposed to, y’know, doing something worthwhile or interesting seems a bit off. But then maybe rewriting words and putting in images on websites is a highly-skilled art and one that deserves to be lauded in a diversity film?

If someone asked you to be in a diversity video, would you go on it?

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