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Batman – Dead End

Batman – Dead End

TFN FanFilms | Batman: Dead End

I got pointed to this piece of short-film fan work by a work colleague, and apparently Empire Magazine have said it was the best Batman film ever.

On one hand, it’s technically impressive – the visuals are impressive, the costumes hang together and the music mix is just awesome.

Then again, erm… where’s the creativity guys? That might be asking a bit much for a comic book movie, but just because you *can* throw various cinematic villains against Batman doesn’t mean you should.

It makes a great calling card for your technical abilities, but as for scriptwriting, and directing of actors? Got some ways to go.

Still, it points up the inante absurdity of Batman – just because a guy wants to don spandex and a cowl to fight crime, it doesn’t mean he should. What kind of protection does spandex afford against a villain with a knife?

On the other hand, I just sit here all day and making websites instead of going out there and shooting a sodding film…

(Oh, and continuity error – surely the Alien should be scalding Batman with acid for blood when the Alien is blown up?)

(Update = according to this interview – it cost $30,000 and took 4 days. Admittedly basing it around Batman guarantees you a core audience who will appreciate your work, but if I had to spend my life savings on a calling card, I wouldn’t necessarily choose Batman as a topic.)


  • scott williams

    I thought Batman:Dead End was quite well done …for what it was. As for those critical of this work I have to ask:What do you want? You complained there was no Batman film.Complained about Keaton.Complained about nipples.Complained about costume changes. Complained about continuity.Complained about rubber suits.Complained it's not like the comic. Now when some one does it like the comic YOU STILL COMPLAIN!Complain about seams. complain about story.Complain about acting. Some of you guys sound like little girls.Remember, some people in the world never get this kind of entertainment in ANY form.Try being a bit can't hurt. Or better yet…YOU make a film and show the rest of us dummies how it's done.

  • justin

    Hey everyone i wanted to say that i loved the movie ,But only when it ended !!.Are you people insane!! ,"The best batman movie ever made"?!!.That was the worst anything evermade let alone a batman movie .Wtf ?! was that .I loved to laugh at how laughably horrible that was.What is this director thinking!! batman mixes alien vs preditor… oh oh heres a good idea for your next project, spiderman vs a bad impression of vincent price as egg head ,Godzilla,and darth vader.And make sure not to explain why they even exist in the same universe.*cough* NO NARRATIVE!*end cough*.I really love how you spent so much time on the alien and preditor costumes but fell short on the budget when it came to "BATMAN" and instead gave him a cheesy 60's skin tight cotten jumpsuit adam west make over.Not that adam west doesn't kick ass, he is very much the man !.The production value for this movie is very good i will say that .But if thats all that films required to be genious then john woo would have won a best director oscar ,or romeo must die would have won best picture. and im glad i don't live in a world where that exists .The best batman movie besides classic batman is tim burtons batman .Heres a tip make an original movie !

  • Justin. I haven't yet seen the film but will address your statement. Same universe? Batman versus Predator is established in DC Comics as well as Superman versus Aliens. DC Comics is the "same universe". I look forward to finding the film online somewhere so that I can truly render my own opinion on this anticipated piece.

  • Dead End restored my faith that Batman can make it on screen. conserning all the folks who don't like the cotume I can only assume they have no idea where Batman came from and who he is supposed to be. Only seen the movies I suppose…the costune was perfect…go and read "year one" and see who Batman is… and what I loved the surprise of the Aliens and Predators showing up! It looked like a million bucks…And Bats kicks ass on the Predator too, just as you would expect him to! Should be expanded and be the next movie…Disappointed? In what?! Simplt the coolest thing I have seen in years! Mds

  • I will be sure and run "spell checker" next time, I promise…

  • Steve

    Ok, now I heard about this little film and took a look at it. Let me say this first, I've loved Batman since I was a kid. Now, some elements of this film really are impressive. The Batsuit for instance, very well done, a nice take on the comic book version. I love the mask. For those complaining about the suit, read the comics! A lot of the camera work was great, too, and i loved the lighting. But, that's it. It starts out great and ends up in sheer stupidity. First an Alien, then Predator, then a mass of Predators and Aliens. Come on people, what's the point. Ok, I admit that there was a cross over in comics of the characters, but that's only because some dumb asses at DC Comics decided to toss together a few franchises and see what happenes. It's pointless and brain-dead. Batman was originaly meant to be a normal guy, fighting normal villians without super powers. That's what makes him so interesting. But to put him up against these alien races is so far from the idea of Batman that it's sad. It's just about as upsetting as the horrible takes of Batman in Batman & Robin and Batman Forever (Mind you, Forever had good elements, but the story….. no no.) Batman is meant to be dark, grim, and yes even violent. BUT NO ALIENS PLEASE!

  • Tsimp78

    I was impressed to a certain extent. It is obvious that someone invested alot of money into this 6 minute film. I feel that integrating the predator and aliens was a mistake. It started off really well. There is a overhead scene of batman kneeling and then he slowly rises. It is an awesome scene. The suit is more of an original batman suit, but it works. The movies falls short when the Joker is snatched into the air by an Alien. It just doesnt make sense. It doesnt fit. The movie becomes cheesy and hokey and to a certain extent makes a mockery of batman. It had potential but its flaws are just to overbearing.

  • Justin

    Where can I watch the Batman short Film, or see pictures from it?

  • Are you an asshole!this mini movie is about not what you want but what he can do with his abilities.chill out and get out of the band wagon.
    this is an awesome mini movie and respect his work.Batman vs. joker vs. alien vs. predetor!That is a dead end!Then at they end,hes between aliens and predetors.AWESOME!

  • XtheUnknown

    I may be late in responding to this Batman Dead End thing, but all I have to say is I was quite impressed. It's true, the story, or lack of, wasn't so great, but the visuals were awesome considering the budget. Maybe the story would have been better but it was only an 8 minute short. When I first saw it I thought it was bootleg footage of the upcoming Batman film, but then I realized it wasn't when I saw the Alien, and Predator. The costume was bad-ass, probably the same one Alex Ross used for Batman: War on Crime. The setting and tone was dead on. None of that stupid neon lights. Simply put, the man got it right in 8 minutes instead of 120 minutes of crap. I was hoping the movie would continue but we'll just have to wait and see.

  • RayValera(NYC)

    AWESOME. I also thought the movie clip was a boot-leg preview of an upcoming film. I found this one night while surfing channels on tv. Some kid had the clip taped, and was playing it on a public access channel. Unfortunately, I only caught the film from where Predator skins his blades and pins Batman. The Decisive fight! Oh…man, the Bat uses that Bat-Boomerang thing. It snaps out in his hand. You hear that loud click and wham. Batman guts the Predator. End right. Nope. Batman's tired. Turns around and aw nah! The Predator's troop is calmly waiting. For him. The Bat what does he do! Squares off unafraid. Bat-rang in had. Bring it on Baby. Yeah, I love that spit part nice touch. If you can't tell. I liked this clip. It was awesome. And no analysis necesary.

  • YouAreADumbArse

    Gimme a break, it is a fugging FAN film, it's sposed to be FUN. Now shut the fug up!


  • James

    The film was supposed to demonstrate his technical skill more than the script. We all know that the WB in the end would control what the script will be about. He wanted to give it a shot for his own personal benefit and to show WB that you don't need rubber nipples to make Batman look fancy. He should have gotten the chance to work on the upcoming franchise in some shape or form but that didn't happen.

  • I liked the movie. Found it refreshing. Ok, it was not an Oscar winning story but at least it did not contain any of the elements that were terrible in the movies, since 1989.

    1) Batman had to have muscles since his costume did not have it's own.
    2)Batman did not need to tell a hot babe about his secret identity.
    3)Robin was not there.
    4)I saw it for free.
    5)All the villains did not have to die.
    6)It did not make me feel like batman is for kids
    7)The city, the rain, the darkness. Very cool.

    Hope this gives other people to give it a try

  • horatio

    Creativity? Theres no real Need for something like that when the creator was trying to keep true to what makes batman… batman. His overall characterisation was perfect in this movie, though it was a bit tacky, the actual ambience of batmans persona known in comics was brought flawlessly to life

  • This movie was great – I had more fun watching this 8 minute master piece than that God awfull excuse of a movie called [stupid] Pearl Harbor. Hate it. Batman: Dead End was mush better than that [stupid] Pearl Harbor so I liked it, you know.

  • Locke

    I'm trying to make subtitles in portuguese for this movie, but there are some lines I couldn't get, and I wonder if anyone can help me.
    The first one is when Joker says: Oh, it's so (???) coming from someone (???) wearing a cape and a mask.
    Can someone complete it?
    And the second is when Joker says: No! You did this to me! And you (???) like some bastard child that you refuse to take responsibility for.

    Please, please and please!

  • The movie was great, but HOw come you couldn't put batman in more of a Millenium type suit…It looked like batman from the 70's was fighting…A little body armor would have been nice….I mean damn,,,if you could pull the connections for the predator and Aliens suits,, you should have went all the way with the DARK NIght…


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