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To compliment a woman on fat loss or not to… ?

To compliment a woman on fat loss or not to… ?

At work I overheard a woman complimenting another woman unsolicitedly on having lost weight.

The question is, if I went around saying to someone “Hey, you’ve lost some weight, congratulations!” – would it be taken as a compliment or is it far more likely to lead to a thought process of “Hrm… I wasn’t doing anything… is he saying I was fat to begin with ?”

Someone give me some guidance! Oy vey!


  • Stephanie

    I hadn't thought about it that way. could be the ol "when are you due?" question posed to a fat woman who isn't pregnant but merely has a love affair with pasta. you could just say nothing or "My, how well you look these days!"

  • Andrew, take no notice of Stephanie. To say to a woman that she "looks well" equates with saying she "looks chubby"! Be warned!

    You'd be much better served by saying "You look fantastic!" Believe me.

  • Morgan

    I agree with Fifi. Fantastic can refer to the overall look, not just weight. However, saying someone has lost weight is better than asking if they've lost the cellulite! What you don't tell us is, are the two women friends–is it known between them that one is actively trying to lose weight. Suggest you tell the person she looks great or fantastic, let her tell you she's been in the gym, on Atkins, etc, and next time you can compliment the weight loss…in the nicest possible way…use your sensitive feminine side, don't be laddish in your approach.

  • I agree with Morgan. But personally I think you should avoid talking in terms of "weight" completely unless you and the person talking are super close friends who often bond about being fat or dieting etc. heh. Otherwise I think it will always be taken badly even if you didn't mean any harm.

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