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Starbucks disses the UK

Starbucks disses the UK

It’s almost become a science-fiction staple to depict dystopian futures where corporations are running the world, as opposed to countries. Which doesn’t mean it hasn’t already happened.

Despite Starbucks seeming to own every other coffee store in London and Edinburgh, it’s still not doing very well. Which hasn’t stopped the Starbucks chairman from describing the UK economy as being in a “spiral”. As usual, like someone pointing out the Emperor is somewhat naked, Business Secretary Lord Mandelson defended what’s left of the British economy, apparently launching a tirade of four-letter words towards Schulz in private. But then (as any follower of British politics knows), he’s never been one for the calm timid retiring speech.

I’m personally getting somewhat tired by capitalists and economists bleating on about the media talking down the economy, and that if only we had some common faith we’d get past this recession into a bright sunny future. If the economy is doing so badly that the only thing stopping it falling apart is delusional talk, then the sooner we can reboot the system and start again, the better.

Just as long as I get to keep my job. Unemployment is no fun.

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