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Snow – a review

Snow – a review

A lonely snowman

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Finally, after many many years of complaining about the lack of snow in my life, I unbelievably woke up this morning to find a great blanket of snow all over London. Aside from the cold, I almost bounded out of bed and actually left home early to try and make it to work on time.

With the buses and tubes not running at the morning, there was a steady stream of people walking around, throwing snowballs and shouting at their friends (mostly Australians, oddly) and the odd foolhardy driver driving very slowly trying to get to work that way.

It took me 60 minutes to walk the 1.5 miles to work – partly because I kept taking photos enroute. Fortunately, I managed to find some forgotten snow boots from 2003, which came in very handy considering there were some women walking in stilettos. Very unhandy.

The walk home was much less enjoyable, since by then London had woken up and the clean pristine snow had become slushy brown muck. An attempt to head into Central London was constantly thwarted by cancelled buses and trains, so I eventually headed home past London schoolkids throwing snowballs and then fighting each other afterwards, resolving to go back out later for the Twitter London snowball fight.

Then I got in, had a cup of tea, put my feet up and unsurprisingly, decided not to go back out. So I didn’t get time to build a snowman, or really make a snowball – but there’s always next time. Maybe tomorrow?

Now I’m off to look for quintiessential pics of London in the snow. Any suggestions?

Oh – and see how many of these snow-related phrases you uttered today with English Snow Bingo!

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