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"What on earth did I do last night ?!"

"What on earth did I do last night ?!" / Glastonbury 2003 – The Glastowank – Viewer discretion is advised!

There are days when you wake up after a night on the town and think – “What on earth did I say? What on earth did I do? I didn’t… I couldn’t!”. Well, those situations can’t be as bad as what *this* woman woke up to realise the next morning after a night at Glastonbury (Viewer discretion is advised!)!

Another reason (as if one was required) why I should go to Glastonbury at some point before I’m too old. If I’m not too old already!

This reminds me of a time Lisa and I went to see Billy Bragg playing at an outdoor festival in London, and there was a mashed-up woman doing druggy “spiritual” dancing in front of the stage facing everyone else. She wasn’t naked or anything, but still pretty funny to see. Wonder where the pics of that went…

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