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Such a sucker for a flirtatious girl :(

Such a sucker for a flirtatious girl :(

Today, I ended up working at a major outdoor event with more teen pop stars than you could shake a very wet stick at. For most of the event, I was in a marketing booth handing out as many merchandising freebies as greedy children can grab hold of, who then come round again and demand the exact same thing. Why ?!

Anyway, I was handing them out with a work colleague who I’d vaguely seen and barely noticed once in someone else’s office, but standing next to her for like 3 hours (on and off) we’d be chatting, and outrageously hammily flirting and getting on with each other. So much so that my “supervisor” had to pull me aside and point out that we were flirting far too much and anyway she had a boyfriend. Oy vey.

Except that at the end of the evening, and after much FREE!!! alcohol was consumed, she apparently didn’t have a boyfriend. She even has my telephone number. Not that I’m expecting her to ever call me again, but it’d make a change if she did…

Anyway, it’s probably the last time I get to help out at a major work event like that, which is a real shame. ‘cos it’s an interesting window on what people actually want out there – essentially teen bands they can sob over afterwards when said teen bands parachute in 20 mins late, mime to a perfunctory set and then run back out to the safety of their coach leaving hundreds of sobbing teens behind.

Plus, of course, being let backstage and hearing the roar of the crowd, the thrill of the atmos. I’ll miss it all. *sigh*


  • I have two comments to make.

    You wonder why the greedy kids were coming back again and again for more and more merchandising freebies. Have you not realised that they were probably selling them off round the corner for £5 apiece, then returning for more stock? For goodness sake man.

    Secondly, have you asked yourself why your *supervisor* was telling you that the girl you fancied had a boyfriend when it turned out she didn't? My case rests.

  • Morgan

    Is your supervisor
    (a) a boy (he likes her and she's ignored him or he likes you)
    (b)a girl (she likes you or she likes her)
    (c)a bitter and twisted person who likes to stir things?
    (d)her "ex"

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