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Never forget your friends – or they'll forget you!

Never forget your friends – or they'll forget you!

For the last God-knows-how-many-years Lisa’s always sent me a cute home-made-esque invitation to some kind of party around her birthday. The fact that there’s an ocean seperating us the size of the Atlantic (I’ll leave you to figure out where she lives) has never hindered that.

Until this year. She didn’t send one partly because she knew I’d never be able to turn up – and I didn’t realise it was her birthday because my computer forgot to remind me.

Oy vey. The decline of friendships starts now 😉


  • sorry man…i didn't invite anyone from out of town this year cuz we turned the guest room into a party room. so there wouldn't have been anywhere for you to sleep or stow your gear. damn this small apt! maybe one day we'll have a house with more room.

  • Never forget a friend's birthday again! This handy card site has some cool cards you can personalise and, more importantly, you can put all your chums' birthdays into a calendar, which sends you an email a few days before to remind you! (Mine's 11 May btw)

  • Now all I need to do is get my mates to remind me when their birthdays are!

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