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25 random facts…

25 random facts…

Since I’ve been tagged by a few friends on Facebook and elsewhere, I thought I’d try to come up with 25 random facts about me:

  1. One of my first websites was lauded by Microsoft, Yahoo and the BBC. Of course, this was back in 1997.
  2. I’ve been in Stephen Fry‘s bedroom
  3. I love peas. Love them. If I had a big enough freezer, all my stir fries would come with peas included.
  4. I also love snow – the way it can make a city like London be frozen, cold and yet clean and crisp. Of course, I’ve never had to go to work in the middle of a blizzard.
  5. I also love the cold. It awakens the senses, keeps everything sharp. Then again, I’ve never had to walk to work during a very very cold snap.
  6. Ben Elton thinks I’m a wanker. Long story.
  7. In my younger days, the only time I cried at a film was during E.T.’s resurrection.
  8. Unfortunately, these days, any old thing can set my eyes moist. A moving montage, a soaring piece of music…
  9. This may be why I don’t really go to the cinema any more. In 2008, I managed four trips. and one of them was to the terrible Indiana Jones movie.
  10. My favourite film is Brazil, a tale of a man who battles bureaucracy by going insane.
  11. I’ve worked in the BBC, in four different places, over ten years – with a lot of time off for good behaviour.
  12. Emma Freud is the best Radio 1 DJ that ever existed, IMHO. and she gave me an online snog once.
  13. I am petrified of zombies. Terrified of them.
  14. and crabs. Crabs will take over the world. You mark my words.
  15. I hate unfriendly people.
  16. I love living in London, full of unfriendly people. Go, as they say, figure.
  17. When I’m sat on my sofa, I wish I was in the pub.
  18. When I’m in the pub, I wish I was sat on my sofa.
  19. Chef Ainsley Harriott gripped my thigh once.
  20. So did Pet Shop Boys lead singer Neil Tennant
  21. I once tried to bore a friend to sleep by summarising every single Doctor Who episode ever broadcast. It didn’t work. She’s still my friend.
  22. I wore a kilt once. Loved it.
  23. I can’t stand sour foods. Salt and vinegar crisps are the devil’s condiment of choice.
  24. I haven’t programmed a computer in years. Must learn again.
  25. I was once asked to take part in a local carnival as a Chinese person on the grounds that I didn’t need any make-up…
  26. I used to be terrible at cooking. I couldn’t even make a bowl of cornflakes properly.
  27. People seem to confide in me. I have no real idea why, but I like it.

So… go and write 25 random facts about you in *your* blog!


  • “I haven’t programmed a computer in years. Must learn again”

    You never could program a computer you said and I quote “I know html so learning programming should be easy!”. Also you didn’t say that the time you were at Stephens fry’s he’d had an emotional breakdown, (Though I’m sure you helped!!!)

  • I did BBC Basic, and MSX Basic in my yoof 😛

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