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The end to a perfect Saturday

The end to a perfect Saturday

I managed to set a butter knife and foil container on fire, and singed my worktop.

I’ll explain – my worktop is very close to my stovetop, as you Americans would call it. And for various reasons, I’ve got a foil container as a temporary bin on said worktop (for teabags and the like) and had a butter knife dangling across the top of it.

Anyway, I was merrily cooking my fried rice dinner, so was energetically throwing things into the wok, stirring it up and completely failing to notice that behind the wok, the butter knife was on fire. It was only when I shut down the flame, and realised there was still a flame on the stovetop, that I thought things were odd.

So I moved the wok away, to find the butter knife all aflame. Stupidly, I tried blowing the flame out, which merely sent the flame onto the foil container itself. ’twas only when I grabbed a damp teatowel and threw it on the flames that it eventually burnt out. Leaving ashes where the butter knife once stood, a scorched worktop, a blackened edge-less foil container, and the smell of burnt remains.

I’m obviously not fit to be on my own any more.

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