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The Obama effect – from London

The Obama effect – from London

– At a gig last night, comedian Mark Thomas said: “After tomorrow, it will now be safe for Americans to hold their hands up when a comedian asks if there are any Americans in the room. You are no longer a symbol of tragedy, violence and brutality …… any Israelis in?”

– There was some BBC coverage from a college in Tottenham, where the mostly-black students were all glued to their big screens

– For most of today, it was business as usual. Then as soon as Obama’s face showed up on the monitors, people started drifting away from their desks to the big-screen television on the top floor. People started sticking their heads out of meeting rooms. By the time Obama came to spoke, the desks were relatively empty.

– Huge laughter came up when the Reverend started saying: “we are grateful to be Americans”. Bless, you haven’t lost your gift for hyperbole…

– The inauguration music was apparently composed by John Williams – the same man who composed, amongst other things, the themes to Superman and Indiana Jones. The temptation to slip a couple of Superman bars in must have been over-whelming…

I’m just wondering whether Dubya made promises to unite the nation, be friends to the world and give everyone unlimited rice pudding in his inauguration speeches. But at least Obama’s got a free pass for a year or so, I think. Then again, we gave one to Bush after 9/11 and look what happened… oh, and Jon Stewart compares Bush & Obama’s inauguration speeches

PS: Only real Doctor Who geeks will get this

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