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Help request: Securing a computer

Help request: Securing a computer

Having rebuilt my Dad’s laptop over Christmas so it can now write in the version of Chinese that he wants, I unfortunately seem to have left it wide open to the point where he keeps getting pop-ups insisting that he has a virus, and that he has to pay $60 to get rid of it.

Obviously, it’s just one of those spammy pop-up things, but what’s a good one-stop application to block most security loopholes? I’m loathe to install Norton AntiVirus or whatever since it just tends to slow down everything in its’ path!


  • Sheff

    I used to have Norton but like you, I found it had a seriously nasty affect on the speed of my system. I switched to AVG which has speeded things up no end and has the added benefit of being free.

  • I tend to stick to separate apps for specific needs. AVG for anti-virus (although v8 seems bloated), Windows Defender for anti-spyware etc.

  • I was advised by people more technical minded than myself to download AVG anti-virus and Zonealarm for firewall and spybot search and destroy for any annoying spyware and they work fine for me and plus they're all freeee.

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