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A German comedy film about Communism?!

A German comedy film about Communism?!

I went to see Good Bye Lenin – ostensibly a comedy about the lengths a son will go to, so that his mum (an ardent Communist who went into a Coma just before the Berlin Wall fell) will not die from the shock of realising that everything she believed in is no more.

While it’s no Bruce Almighty, there are many laughs and good smiles to be had from this film as well as an interesting look at what life was like in East Berlin during that time. There are also a couple of cinematically interesting sequences and a few homages to Kubrick – something you might not expect. It also has an unexpected good heart – never portraying the mother as an evil monster despite the things she’s done, and handles a burgeoning romance quite well. Plus, of course the ironies between the promise of Communism/Capitalism and what you actually get.

As I fatally commented on leaving the cinema, it’s not very often a subtitled film can make you cry. Which created a furore from my world-cinema-loving friends…

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  • You mean your filmically educated friends you philistine. Give me 2 days and a hefty collection of Tartan video and you'll be weeping into your soup.

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