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Asylum of the Daleks – hurried thoughts

Asylum of the Daleks – hurried thoughts

Asylum of the Daleks – fantastic great episode, and couldn’t sleep afterwards. But I can’t help thinking Moffat’s written a great mainstream-friendly episode that would have been better placed in the 2013 50th anniversary season instead.

Right, first off, Skaro looks FAB. They Instagrammed the title sequence, which works. And I like the new font. But not the new “logo” – it’s not Blackpool or Las Vegas! But at least they retained the TARDIS-esque logo. Thats the best bit of the new title sequence.

Finally, proper human-Dalek hybrids, without pig heads. Still can’t see why a xenophobic Nazi race like the Daleks would have them when they can build robots or self-automated Dalek drones, but hey ho. Nice design. But you’d have thought a species capable of interstellar travel and gravity beams can master a

simple little teleport.

It makes no sense for the Daleks to send their insane etc. to a prison planet, considering they’re willing to blow each other up if they’re the wrong colour. It makes even less sense for a Dalek race, sentimental enough to send their insane and battle-scarred to a prison planet because they don’t have the guts to kill another Dalek, to then go “What the heck. We’ll get our worst enemy to lower the forcefield, and then we can blow up the planet!”

Speaking of which, if a forcefield has enough holes to allow a spaceship to crash and a gravity beam to allow three people in, surely it has enough holes to smuggle tons of nuclear or Dalekinium bombs to the surface?

And Oswin. Poor poor Oswin. But it was nice of the Daleks, upon realising that Oswin Dalek wasn’t responding as a Dalek should, to put Oswin Dalek in the nicest padded cell they had (why give Daleks a padded cell? They’re in a metal structure for goodness sake!). AND to give her access to the Dalek command structure.

Stroke of genius to put the next companion/actress on before everyone’s expecting her. Does this mean the Doctor meets Oswin on the starship Alaska at the Xmas special, whisks her off on galactic adventures, and then has to put her back on the Alaska before the Daleks attack, knowing her ultimate grisly fate? It’s River Song all over again…

and I’m trying to think of the right adjective for Oswin. Flirty? Spunky?

Poor Amy’n’Rory. Nice to see Karen Gillan’s acting lessons are improving.

Plus, those chained Daleks. Who put the chains on?

That final bit, where the TARDIS somehow manages to arrive in the Dalek Parliament Square when it wasn’t there before. Who put it there?

And why oh why oh why does every Dalek story now have to end with some kind of huge canon change that will probably get conveniently ignored in future Dalek stories?

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  • On the presence of the TARDIS, it was already there when the Doctor, Amy and Rory were first brought before the Parliament of Daleks.

    Which is strange, because when the Daleks captured the Doctor he wasn’t in the TARDIS: why would they have brought it with him when they were planning to get him into the Asylum by other means anyway? Why let him have access to a potential refuge/means of escape?

    Or did they kidnap the Doctor and take him to their ship, then a few minutes later the TARDIS just materialised in the middle of their Parliament’s chamber and they just thought LET IT BE. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?

    (On a side issue, I wonder what Prime Minister’s Question Time sounds like when conducted by Daleks?)

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