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The Asian-American Internet in a nutshell

The Asian-American Internet in a nutshell

Reddit throws questions at Steven Yuen, the sole Asian actor in The Walking Dead, in the modern version of an online chat.

Of course, there’s then a huge section where posters essentially post on the theme of “Dude! How did you manage to bang a white chick ?!”.

I understand and appreciate that it’s generally harder for Western-Asian/Chinese men to find a girlfriend, partially thanks to an image problem – you can probably count the number of famous and hunky Western-Asian male actors on the fingers of one hand. But you know what the bigger problem is? The oblique tendency of some Western-Asian/Chinese men to hide in their bedrooms nurturing their alienation and sexism in lieu of developing a personality that would attract ladies in the first place.

And yes, pot, kettle, black.

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