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I just want to be quoted…

I just want to be quoted…

All my working life, in the Internet and media, I’ve only wanted one thing. Not fortune, but a little fame – more precisely, to be quoted. To be seen as an expert by some journalist and have my words of wisdom quoted. To be an Andrew Collins or Stuart Maconie. Is that so much to ask for in life?

Alas, in the last 10 years the closest I’ve come to seeing my name in print (when I didn’t type it in myself) was a brief mention of a job move way back in the 90s when the Net was a big. thing.

Now, I see that the person who took my job from me at World Online when I was Entertainments Editor has been quoted in The Guardian.

Life just isn’t fair. Of course I could learn to play the game I s’pose – just have to figure out what the game is!

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