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Getting Londoners talking? Noooooo

Getting Londoners talking? Noooooo

While Miss S was in London, she’d often shock me speechless by telling me she’d talked to two, or four random strangers in London – AND THEY’D TALK BACK! I am of course, putting this down to her irrepressible (and believe me, I’ve tried!) optimism, bounciness and general all-American (in a positive way) manner.

Something odd must be in the London water supply, because there’s now a campaign to Get The Tube Talking on Wed 17 December. They suggest engaging fellow commuters on the tube with some small chit-chat and small talk. Except they haven’t actually suggested what lines of small talk to use – and I for one, am not that brilliant at chatting to random strangers. What can I say that isn’t too boring? Hell, I just had a meeting, and I completely forgot to shake the guy’s hand on my way out the door.

Also, these days given the sheer amount of shopping bags that bring out the inner environmentalist Marxist in me, I’d be far likely to bark out “WHY. ON. EARTH. DO. YOU. NEED. SIX SHOPPING BAGS AND TWO HANDBAGS? GET OUT OF MY WAY!”

Fortunately, I take the bus to work. Or bike.


  • I'm by no means a bouncy person, but my Welsh upbringing resulted in a 'no-one's better than anyone else let's all get along' ethos. So maybe people read me as approachable? I've started chatting to random people on the Tube, in train station ticket queues and the like. Maybe you could say "I'm an environmentalist Marxist. What flavour person are you?". People love talking about themselves. Do itttt

  • I've found the same thing, although the random Londoners I would chat up was mainly due to the fact I couldn't see Brompton Cemetary right in front of my eyes or the London Stone stuck in the wall…or that cute, cute bartender/waiter that one day…who didn't know the first thing about the Clash, except he wanted to download some of their music. I helped him along his way by jotting down my Clash playlist from my iPod. Oof, was he a cutie. =)

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