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Technology has failed me :(

Technology has failed me :(

It’s only when all the devices you have in your life fail you that you realise just how pathetically dependent you are on them.

My PC hassles have been well documented – but a trip to the beach with H and a fast-coming tide also led to my mobile phone and tiny digital camera giving up the ghost. Fortunately, the SIM card was fine and I have a spare Motorola phone but using that just reminds me why Nokia are kings when it comes to mobile phone interfaces. It beeps when you don’t want it to, it doesn’t beep when you do want it to – and it has a nasty habit of going off during graduation ceremonies.

My vague plan to become fit has also come a cropper since my bike got a puncture leak. A puncture repair kit has failed to solve the problem, and my (exiting) flatmate is kindly trying to fix it – although alas nobody in the area seems to have the proper tools for the job. Of course I could just walk to the gym instead of cycling to work, but cycling is just about the only exercise I enjoy.

Although I did play badminton with H last week as well – that was one hour of sweaty extravaganza for me, to the point when my T-shirt drenched in sweat (need to buy the T-shirt? Just $15!) and scored a total of 4 points over 5 games, while Heledd barely moved and trounced all over me. Lucky I’m playing just to get fit, although I did enjoy it.

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