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Magical musical tour

Magical musical tour

A former music writer colleague of mine once told me that the great thing about new music was that it was always there for you, when you were ready.

Given that my last CD purchases of simple pop bands Alphabeat and Scouting For Girls drew sustained moaning from my music-loving neighbour, it’s patently high time that I stopped hearing new music via music video channels, and had my musical horizons somewhat expanded. Fortunately, my friend muzikfiend is visiting from the States, with a declared intention to spend a week going to as many music concerts and clubs as possible, so I thought I’d join her.

So first off was Sneaky Sound System at the Koko. I’d heard pretty much nothing about them, so was pleasantly surprised to find a popular energetic electro-pop-dance band from Australia with a couple of catchy songs that I still can’t forget.

Next, it was Ladytron at the Shepherds’ Bush Empire. I have listened to, and liked a couple of their songs before so I was looking forward to it, but was “super non-impressed”, as muzikfiend puts it. It seemed as if they had no passion, no desire to be there – they were just going through the very bored motions, and they didn’t play their more popular tunes. However, the crowd around me seemed to love it, so it was probably just me not attuned to their cold ways.

Now, onwards to an impromptu club tour of London

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