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What's wrong with having your name on a list?

What's wrong with having your name on a list?

So… the membership list for the British National Party (a far-right fascist party advocating the consensual repatriation for non-Europeans from British soil … oh, and giving the 2012 London Olympics back to Greece) has been leaked all over the Internet, and British geeks have been soiling themselves all day mashing the list.

So now I can see that my area of London (which also happens to encompass the BBC’s Television Centre) has 7 members – more than any other West London postcode. Other websites have managed to pinpoint with far greater accuracy the data, despite the learned frownings and warnings from many a political/tech geek.

My question is: what’s all the fuss about? Surely if you’re going to donate money to be a member of a political party or lobby group, you are de facto agreeing to most of that political organisation’s aims and ideals, and therefore you should also be proud to identify with them? Give £200 to a political party, and your name is publically registered against that donation. If I were a member of any political organisation, I’d expect my name to be listed against it, and presume that it’s published somewhere.

Whether Labour, the Conservatives, No2ID, Plaid Cymru or any other group publish their membership list publically or not, I don’t know. But I can’t see why they shouldn’t, in the interest of transparency. And the same would go for the BNP. Or the Communist Party. If nothing else, it’d stop those “Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Communist Party?”-type questions.

Now, tell me why I’m wrong.


  • Unbelievable

    I'll tell you you're wrong.
    What about a mashup of jews residants with yellow stars instead of pins ?
    In the interest of transparency…

  • Erm… I was talking about political parties, which you choose to sign up to. You don’t choose (most of the time) to be of a certain religion…

  • It's wrong for the same reason that compromising the secret ballot would be wrong. (A civil right fought for by our progressive forebears.)

    In a liberal democracy, just as our vote should remain secret to prevent undue intimidation or influence, and to protect the privacy of the individual conscience, we should also have the right to join political parties or pressure groups, knowing that it's up to us to select whom to tell, or not, about our affiliations. Yes, major financial donations should be publicly listed, but not mere personal affiliations.

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