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Tearing up the rulebook on racism

Tearing up the rulebook on racism

Blimey. I really didn’t think America would elect a non-white person as President. I really didn’t think it was possible. The dice was stacked against him. After all:

– It’s a nation that voted twice for that international joke, Dubya. TWICE.
– A generation ago, I don’t think black people were even allowed to sit down in Washington D.C. ?
– There’s a national economic crisis. During a crisis, people’s usual instincts are to protect their own – hell, Britain’s cutting the numbers of immigrants it allows in because of the recession.
– Obama seems clever, intellectual, almost slightly aloof, not someone you could have a beer witha nd talk about the Sonics (or whatever). And when was the last time America elected a clever President?

So gosh darn it, now I can’t blame the lack of success in my life because I is not white. or black. On the other hand, one of my friends – who won’t date outside of her race – still wouldn’t shag Obama. So latent racism is still alive!

The more I read about Obama’s life, the more I’m amazed he got to Harvard, let alone anywhere else. Now he’s the US equivalent of Blair – arrives in office after almost a decade of slowly stagnated rule, with ludicrously high expectations. And it worked for Blair for a while – at least till Iraq happened.

And hey, maybe a re-assessment of America’s place in the world and a return to less consumer-ist times would mean things like the technically perfect, editorially disastrous and utterly pointless CNN hologram wouldn’t happen…

I almost want to say poor McCain. For a Republican candidate, he wasn’t that bad – he could have been a whole lot worse. But it sounds like the party lobby just strangled his maverickness at birth.

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  • McCain "wasn't that bad"? You don't think it was bad judgment to pick Sarah Palin as VP choice? I almost think he didn't WANT to win. In fact, as soon as he invited Joe the Plumber to join his campaign tour, I was pretty convinced that he was throwing the election.

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