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Can a TV Powerdown unit ruin your television?

Can a TV Powerdown unit ruin your television?

TV Intelliplug

A TV Intelliplug

Being environmentally minded (and trying to save money), I recently bought a TV Intelliplug to cut down on energy costs. The idea of the gadget is that when you switch the TV off into stand-by, the unit will then cut off all electricity supplies to your TV and associated gadgets, saving energy and a little bit of cash.

Unfortunately, when I applied it to my TV, it didn’t quite work. And ever since then (even with the unit removed), the TV has been slow to react from standby. It’ll try to flicker to life, but then give up – like a baby trying to sit himself up. It’ll try and try again, and finally manage to flicker to life properly a few minutes later. We’ve had to call a TV Repair man in.

Is it possible that such a unit could have done some damage to my LCD TV?


  • Jim Easterbrook

    Dunno, but before trying any such device it's worth checking the TV's 'standby' power consumption. For many modern sets it's less than one watt, which is truly insignificant – less than a quid a year.

  • jamescridland

    My Sony LCD TV, when you switch it into standby, does a funny little click a few minutes afterwards. I'm guessing that it's doing some calibration exercise, and I'd not want to stop it from doing that.

    I'm with Jim – turning devices that you use on a daily basis off at the wall simply doesn't make much sense, particularly ones designed to have a standby mode.

    Phone chargers and things of that nature probably do make sense to switch off: but even these are intelligent enough to now draw a tiny amount of power if not being used. You're much better spending a little cash on an electricity meter and then watching the effects of, for example, only boiling just enough water for a coffee.

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