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Polluting my language

Polluting my language

My wife – as well as being an all-round fabulous person – happens to be American. And slowly but surely, she’s started polluting my brain with American words instead of English ones. It started off with all the words revolving around babies – especially since I had no prior experience of looking after babies before my wife came along. Thus, I’m already used to calling nappies diapers, for example, which causes some confusion when the topic pops up.

However, the nadir happened this morning, while we were half-watching the Rugby World Cup match between Wales and Namibia, and saw a Welsh player heading for a try. Thus, the conversation in our household:

Wife: “That was a great goal!”
Me: “You mean touchdown….”
Wife: “Err… Try…”

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  • I still don't get why it's called a touchdown when you don't actually have to touch it down.

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