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How to get a Hong Kong bank account (for Hong Kong’s Scheme $6000)

How to get a Hong Kong bank account (for Hong Kong’s Scheme $6000)

If you happen to have a Permanent ID card from Hong Kong, you will probably have heard about the Hong Kong Government’s plans to give HK$6000 (about £500) to those who hold such a card. Amongst all the other hurdles us international types would have to jump (having the right card at the right time), there’s at least one major caveat: to actually get the money, you either need to have a Hong Kong-based current or savings account, or collect a cheque from a nominated Hong Kong post office and cash it at a particular bank.

Fortunately, I’ve got an email from the Bank of China in London (Chinatown branch) who say:

“We have been informed that we can open the account for UK residents who hold the Hong Kong Identity Card. We are still waiting for confirmation from Hong Kong on when we can start the account process.”

So they’ll let me know when the process starts, and I can let you know if you’re interested!


  • Sally Yau

    Thank you so much for sharing this information! Sally Yau

  • Any news on this?

  • just heard about this facility from an acquaintance and he is going to use this facility next week

  • honest_sammy

    Just had a look and you can apply online at HSBC:
    Cost £100 tho…

  • Alvin

    The HSBC cost is a bit steep, anyone know how much Bank of China in London charge?

  • Steven

    have just phoned them up 0207 929 3470.need to book an appointment for applying that HK$6000 and the cost is £60. Also it can only be applied in London China Town Branch.

  • i called them this morning but was told i could do this from the cnnon street branch ! now i will be really annoyed if i ned to go to the china town branch !

  • Tommy

    Just went to the Chinatown Branch today, need to take HK ID card, Passport and a proof of address (photocard driving licence or bill or bank statement within the last 3 months) The £60 cost for setting up the bank account is non refundable. When the account is opened in Hong Kong the amount cannot drop below $5000 or they will start charging £60 each month. Also if the account is dorment for 2 years, you will have to go to Hong Kong to start it up again. Hope this helps

  • So once the money gets into the newly opened account there from HK Govt you need some way of moving it out. Do you get a cheque book?

  • Disney

    I called Chinatown Branch this morning, they said they are not doing the Scheme $6000 any more.

  • john yip

    In October 2011 Bank of China (UK) Limited launched the “HK$6000” Account Opening Witness Service, open to all UK based Hong Kong citizens who were eligible to claim HK$6,000 under the $6,000 scheme from the Hong Kong Government. With valid Hong Kong Smart ID, those UK based Hong Kong citizens could open a Bank of China Hong Kong bank account from the UK and claim HK$6,000 through the above service without going back to Hong Kong.

    As arranged by Bank of China Hong Kong, Bank of China (UK) Limited UK branches will no longer offer this service from close of business on Friday 28 September 2012. Therefore UK based Hong Kong citizens who may need the service should apply as early as possible before the above date. For more details, please call 0845 602 708

  • I applied 4 weeks ago so they are definitely still doing it. Details can be found on my blog post:

  • Jason

    Has anyone done this using the HSBC method?

  • Connie

    Where can I go to open a bank account in Houston TX USA?

  • Bobby Russ

    I guess it's more or less the same on how to open a uk bank account. Basically, if you have a stable job to maintain your balance, you're good to go. Thanks for the information, though.

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