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Is Sarah Silverman funny?

Is Sarah Silverman funny?

When it was announced that Sarah Silverman would be gracing London with her presence, a few of my more adventurours comedy friends were excited. At least until the price of £40 a ticket was revealed, at which point my friends slowly backed away from the idea of buying a ticket.

Personally, I’m not sure why it’s funny to laugh at/with a skinny white Jewish woman making a complete balls-up about hot taboo topics like racism and AIDS. I’m fairly sure most grandmothers do the same thing, for a start. But then I’ve never really liked The Office or South Park either – what’s so funny about five-year-olds saying naughty things? (I will readily admit to loving the South Park Movie – for whatever reason, that so works as a spoof of musicals).

It would seem that having actually watched Ms Silverman, many London fans were bitterly disappointed when they spent £40 and only got 35 minutes of her performance, followed by a rather weak Q&A when she revealed that she had no more material. A fair bit of heckling and boo’ing ensued…

Why would you fly 6 hours across the Atlantic to perform just 35 minutes of material that you’ve performed before – especially considering she’d done the publicity circuit that weekend, miming a blowjob with Ricky Gervais on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross. She might have been very scared by the London audience and their vibe of “C’mon, impress me” – but then, she’s played New York. And if you can break that crowd…

Anyway, bring on Eddie Izzard in December. Although he’s cost me £50 a ticket…

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  • Sheff

    "Why would you fly 6 hours across the Atlantic to perform just 35 minutes of material that you’ve performed before"?

    "the price of £40 a ticket was revealed"

    "Friday Night with Jonathan Ross"

    Reading your question and then picking out those other facts from your post, don't you think the cold hard cash may just have been a motivation? You don't mention what capacity the venue was but considering us hard-working license-payers had probably paid for her flight it sounds like the stand-up show was just a pure money-making exercise.

    And there's me getting narked at paying £12 for Fringe tickets…

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