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Banzai sparks Asian-American protests

Banzai sparks Asian-American protests

BBC NEWS | Banzai sparks US protests

I have to say, as a british-Chinese person who’s seen Banzai in its’ UK format for ages without hearing a peep from anyone Oriental-Asian over here, I do have to wonder what they’re talking about.

Yes, it parodies Japanese TV. But Japanese TV is there to be parodied – much like French TV can be parodied, American TV can be parodied, German TV can be parodied. And it’s bloody funny.

The parodies IMHO are totally justifiable, as opposed to say Charlie Chan which is just silly.

What’s the beef, guys?

An Asian-American group has protested over the Channel 4 comedy programme Banzai, following its first showing in the United States on Sunday.

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